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Hello and welcome. My name is Ashley. I am an ordained minister, Christian and nondenominational. I am also a religious and spiritual counselor; as well as a family, personal, pre-marriage and marriage counselor. I also hold a Doctor of Divinity. ALL religions are welcome with me. ALL age, sex/gender identity, race, and couple are welcome with me. ALL non-religious are welcome with me. New age religions welcome, old world religions welcome. ALL are welcome.

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Get to know me!

Hi, I’m Ashley! Owner, operator, counselor and Minister for New World Pathfinders. I am an ordained minister (Christian and non-denominational) Personal counselor, family counselor and marriage counselor. I also hold a Doctorate of Divinity for the study of religious theology and am currently working on my Death Doula certification. (3/20/2021)

I was born, adopted and raised in Covington/Mandeville, La. and graduated from St. Scholastica Academy in 2010. When I’m not marrying loved ones or extending my hand in help, I work in the film industry as a beauty and special effects makeup artist. My passion to listen and guide others has grown tremendously and I finally found a way to do it.

If religious counseling and guidance is what you seek, I have personally studied and researched (not practiced) many religions and am here to do my best to make you comfortable and help you as best I can. If a counselor is what you seek, an ear to listen, an unbiased person, I’m here for you.

Contact info:

Gmail- newworldpathfinders@gmail.com

Phone- 985.789.4199 (please leave contact information if I am unavailable to answer)