Donations/payments explained

Here at NewWorldPathfinders, I offer Counseling to anybody and everybody. I understand financial situations can be difficult during trying times (covid, job loss, death of provider, etc). I do my best to offer services to all, with payment, without payment or will to pay. I have opened up a payment section to the website for donations to help those who cannot afford the resources for counseling but would still like to be seen, heard and helped. NONE of the donations go to me. The only payment I receive is for the sessions people are able to afford, marriages and vow renewals. All donations go back into assisting others and the community (fund raisers, humane society, charities, etc). I have a separate account open for the ministry and it goes directly into THAT account.
When donations are used in any way, a post and receipt will be provided to the website and Facebook page so all know where it has gone and been used.
I want everyone to be able to have access to any type of help they may need and I’m here to do my best to provide or guide you where to go.
Keep in mind, I am NOT a therapist or crisis/abuse counselor. I CANNOT provide or prescribe medications, medical treatment or formally diagnose any mental or physiological illnesses. I can guide you, help you with your mental state, advise on what I feel is going on or may be the case and give you resources and steps on where to go if you need to go beyond me and seek psychological help.
I’m here to help in many ways. If you need help seeking a therapist, I can help. I have a list of providers who accepts private insurance, Medicaid, Obamacare, out of pocket payments, pro Bono and more. Together we’ve got you💜

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