Sometimes Love means Letting GO

Many times people find themselves “stuck between a rock and a hard place” in a relationship when it comes to noticing yourself stressed or unhappy with your partner. While most will follow their heart and go; others will not want to break the heart of another when they so clearly don’t feel the stress or unhappiness the other feels. This is no way to live; for them or yourself.

As the days go by, you are only creating unneeded and unwanted stress and anger for yourself; while creating a false hope and reality for the other, your partner. It’s never easy to break a heart or be the ” bad guy.” No one wants to be hated. But you can love someone and not be happy with them, and that’s ok; but you can’t go on continuing to hurt yourself and your partner. Loving them sometimes means letting them go.

We will all play scenarios in our head “what will I do if they leave?” “What will they do if I leave?’ “What will they say about me?” and that’s normal. It will also be normal for your partner to be angry, sad, upset. They may say things about you, but YOU know who you are. It will be easier in the end for you to part ways. The anger will subside and both will move forward happy and healthy.

Don’t sell yourself short and settle because the other person is significantly happier with you than you are with them. You love them; but it’s time to let them go. For you. Your happiness. Your mental health. And for them. Their happiness. Their mental health.

If you love them, let them go.

Do you stand in your own way?

Image description for visually impaired guests and followers who use text to speech technologies. Pink and purple mixed background with long leaves and quote by Ella Fitzgerald “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong”

All too often I find my biggest roadblock…was/is me. I stop myself from doing and accomplishing the things that inspired me because I think too hard about it.

I worried too much what my parents would think or say, if it would ‘make enough money.’ I’ve held myself back many times only to be disappointed to ‘miss out.’ Only having taken the dive to quit a job at 24 and start a whole new career in the film industry did I start to teach myself to do what inspired me and really listen to those around me; most were loving, inspired with me and supportive.

Will there be road bumps along the way? Of course. Persevere. Keep going.

And was I terrified to start a new “business” as a counselor and minister? Do I still have days where I hold myself back? Absolutely! But I did it. With love and support. Road bumps along the way. Me, my biggest enemy, standing in my own way. But, I did it.

I can truly say I have three of my dream jobs. And it took me to get beyond my own roadblock, not give up, see the love and inspiration surrounding me within and outside of myself and continue to do and fight for what I really wanted to do.

Do you find you stand in your own way, also? You have it in you to be the best you. To be what you truly want to be. To do what you truly want to do. ( RECOMMENDED READ!!! 8 signs you stand in your own way and what to do about it: )

Sometimes we just have to get passed ourselves.

Do I still have passions and things I really want to do that I stop myself from? Yes. I have art piling up as I fear ‘no one will like it.’ Despite the compliments and occasional purchase from others. Am I working on this? Yes.

You can, too. ☺️

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay healthy 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌒